Bootstrap Create Modal Dynamically in JavaScript / jQuery

Bootstrap Create Modal Dynamically in JavaScript. The bootstrap-show-modal.js lets you to create an awesome, responsive, alert / confirm dialog boxes dynamically.

Plugin Overview

Plugin: bootstrap-show-modal.js
Author: Stefan Haack
Licence: MIT Licence
Published: February 26, 2019
Repository: Fork on GitHub
Dependencies: jQuery 1.3.1 or Latest version and Bootstrap 4.1.3
File Type: zip archive (HTML, CSS & JavaScript)
Package Size: 8.7 KB

How to Use It:

1. Load all the necessary files into HTML document.

<!--Bootstrap 4.3.1 CSS-->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

<!--jQuery 3.3.1 Slim-->
<script src="" integrity="sha384-q8i/X+965DzO0rT7abK41JStQIAqVgRVzpbzo5smXKp4YfRvH+8abtTE1Pi6jizo" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

<!--Popper 1.14.7 Js-->
<script src="" integrity="sha384-UO2eT0CpHqdSJQ6hJty5KVphtPhzWj9WO1clHTMGa3JDZwrnQq4sF86dIHNDz0W1" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

<!--Bootstrap 4.3.1 Js-->
<script src="" integrity="sha384-JjSmVgyd0p3pXB1rRibZUAYoIIy6OrQ6VrjIEaFf/nJGzIxFDsf4x0xIM+B07jRM" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

2. Include the bootstrap-show-modal.js file into your webpage.

<script src="src/bootstrap-show-modal.js"></script>

3. To create a simple modal box, following is the javascript structure.

$.showModal({title: "Hello World!", body: "A very simple modal dialog without buttons."})

4. To create alert dialog box, use the following js structure.

$.showAlert({title: "Hi", body: "Please press ok, if you like or dislike cookies."})

5. To create a confirm popup modal box:

    title: "Please confirm", body: "Do you like cats?", textTrue: "Yes", textFalse: "No",
    onSubmit: function (result) { // callback on confirm
        if (result) {
            $.showAlert({title: "Result: " + result, body: "You like cats."})
        } else {
            $.showAlert({title: "Result: " + result, body: "You don't like cats."})
    onDispose: function() {
        console.log("The confirm dialog vanished")

6. All the available options to customize plugin looks & working.

props = {
    title: "", // the dialog title html
    body: "", // the dialog body html
    footer: "", // the dialog footer html (mainly used for buttons)
    modalClass: "fade", // Additional css for ".modal", "fade" for fade effect
    modalDialogClass: "", // Additional css for ".modal-dialog", like "modal-lg" or "modal-sm" for sizing
    options: null, // The Bootstrap modal options as described here:
    // Events:
    onCreate: null, // Callback, called after the modal was created
    onDispose: null, // Callback, called after the modal was disposed
    onSubmit: null // $.showConfirm only. Callback, called after yes or no was pressed

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