Fitness form / Weight Loss Calculator Example

Fitness form / Weight Loss Calculator

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Weight loss Calculator


  • Your Gender
  • Age (Years)
  • Your weight (lbs)
  • Your Height (inches)
  • Your Activity level (PAL)


  • Your body needs at rest during a typical day
  • Calories burned during a typical dayBased on your activity level (PAL)
  • Your body should lose (per day) approx.
  • Your BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Your weight category
If you lose 500 Kcals a day, you would lose about 1lb of weight a week.
BMI Formula = [Weight (lbs) / Height (inches)²] x 703 or Weight (kg) / Height (m) 2
Example Input = 42yrs, 170lbs , 67inches