jQuery Columnizer Plugin Example


Columnizer will automatically split your 1 div of content into as many columns as will fit the user's browser! If the browser is resized, columns will be automatically added or removed appropriately.

For documentation, samples, and latest news, visit the project homepage at http://welcome.totheinter.net/columnizer-jquery-plugin/

Columnizer is a jQuery plugin by Adam Wulf (http://welcome.totheinter.net/)


sample 1 - Shows two independent columnized sections of text, a top and bottom section.

sample 2 - Shows two independent columnized sections of content with both images and text.

sample 3 - This example shows text being columnized into a top fixed-height section, and then overflowing into a columnized bottom section.

sample 4 - Preserves JavaScript events on <a> tags of the columnized content.

sample 5 - Fixed height and horizontal scrolling columns.

sample 6 - Style the first column differently than the rest of the content.

sample 7 - Columns wrap around an image in the top right of the page.

sample 8 - Lays out and preserves entire blocks of content into columns.

sample 9 - Uses columnizer to paginate content into a multi-page newsletter layout.

sample 10 - Shows zero padding between columns.

sample 11 - Shows CSS specified padding between columns.

sample 12 - shows mix of automatic columns and manual column breaks.

sample 13 - shows only manual column breaks.

sample 14 - shows column break inside of a dontsplit item.

sample uncolumnize - shows uncolumnize function based on sample 1.