jQuery BeefUp Accordion Example

Just a jQuery accordion plugin .

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The following is the example of jQuery nested accordion.

Item 1

Hello World!

This is the first element that is opened by default. However, it can be fully customize according to your needs.

Item 2

Nested Item

Here you can put anything like HTML elements, images, videos or what you want.

Open single

Open just one accordion at once. It is possible to choose one item that will not automatically close.

Item 1

Item 2

Nested Item 1

Nested Item 2

Locked item


By default the accordion will slide down and up. It is possible to set the animation type to "slide", "fade" or leave empty "", and to define the open and the close animation speed.



Scroll to the top of the open accordion. Use the property "scrollOffset" to add additional space or "scrollSpeed" to define the animation speed.

Item 1

Item 2