Auto Lghtbox for all Images jQuery Plugin - AutoLightbox.js

- September 14, 2018
Free jQuery Lghtbox Plugin- Auto lightbox

Main Features

  • Responsive, adjustable size on both Desktop and Mobile devices.
  • Automatically do everything to create Lightbox, no need any id or class for individually image on the Web page.
  • Automatic detect image caption (from alt text) and shows it on the image.
  • Dim background effect when Lightbox display.
  • Lightweight, Easy to implement.

How to Use it:

1. Load the both jQuery and AutoLightbox.js in your website:

   <script src=""></script>

   <!--Auto Lightbox js-->
   <script src="js/AutoLightbox.js"></script>

2. Put your images in article tag or you can create your own div container with specific class.

    ......some text.....
   <img src="/img/image-name.jpg" alt="your photo caption" />
    ......some text.....
   <img src="/img/image-name.jpg" />
    ......some text.....
   <img src="/img/image-name.jpg" />

3. Call the AutoLightbox Plugin in your jQuery code with the selector whose images to be shown in the lightbox.


4. To change the size of lightbox, update the following settings

         width: 320,
         height: 240

4. By default, dim background effect is on, if you want to turn it off, the statement is:

       dimBackground: false