Visual Programming - Advantages & Disadvantages

- January 22, 2018
In this article we are going to discuss about visual programming language. Besides this, its advantages and disadvantages are also available on this page. So, read this article completely for better understanding.

C++ visual programming

 What is Visual Programming?

      A programming language that uses a visual represention (such as graphics, drawing, buttons or icon and animations etc.) is known as visual programming.       The term visual programming refers to creating or developing Windows based applications or graphic user interface (GUI) applications. Different graphical objects are used to create the graphical user interface. These objects include windows, buttons, icons, list boxes and menu etc. These objects are provided by the visual programming language as built-in components.
       Visual Basic and Visual C++ are examples of the visual programming language. These language provide very simple integrated development environment (IDE) to create computer program. The IDE provides the programmer can create program very easily and rapidly.

 What are advantages of visual programming?

Following are the most important advantages of visual programming language.

Easy to Use

 These languages are much easy to use.

Easy to learn 

The visual programming language can be learn easily.

Built-in Objects 

These languages provide a lot of built-in objects that can be used in developing new programs. New objects can also be created.

 Easily Design 

The user interface can be a design very easily by using mouse. The components are placed on the main interface component like forms. These components can be resized, and moved easily.

 Facility to attach code 

These languages provide facility to attach code to each interface component. The attached code is executed when the user interacts with the interface component. The user can use the visual application very easily.

 What are disadvantages of visual programming?

       Following are the some disadvantages of visual programming language.

  •  These languages require computer with more memory, high storage capacity of hard disk and faster processor.
  • These languages can only be implemented on graphical operating systems such as Linux and Windows. 
  •  The execution speed of visual application is slow.