What is OOP? Object-Oriented Programming

- November 17, 2017
      Today, the Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) become the most popular approach to develop software. In object oriented programming, a software (program) is developed by using objects. In object oriented approach, the whole system is divided into a set of objects. It is an easy and flexible approach for designing and organizing the programs. 

What is Object Oritented Programming

      C++ and Java are most popular and commonly used Object-Oriented Programming (oop) languages.
A component of program that has set of functions (or modules) and data structures is called an object.
      In C++ the functions of the object are called the member functions. In other object-oriented languages, the member functions are called methods. They used to access data from the object.
    The object-oriented approach makes it possible for a programmer to handle large systems, change them, re-use the existing parts of systems (software) in new system etc. This approach for the development of programs reduces time and money to develop the software as well as improve the quality of software.  Such software is also easier to maintain, as the objects are independent of each other.
      The object-oriented approach is based upon the concept of data abstraction and information hiding.  The abstraction is a concept that allows a programmer to consider a component of software at a conceptual level without knowing the detail of the implementation of the component into the system. An abstraction of a component describe the external behavior of that component but doesn't describe the internal details of the component that produce the behavior.

Advantages of OOP (Object-Oriented Programming)

Object-Oriented Programming (oop) has many advantages. Some of the main advantages of OOP are as follows:-
  • Modifiability
  • Modularity
  • Maintainability
  • Re-useability
  • Simplicity

What is Modifiability

It makes easy to modify (edit) the existing objects of the program. The software developed by using object-oriented programming easily modify.

What is Modularity

Each object forms a separate entity whose internal working are decoupled from other parts of the system.

What is Maintainability

Objects can be maintained separately. It is also easier to find and fix problems in program.

What is Re-useability

Objects can be reused in different program. Oop allow the programmer to reuse various objects in various programs.

What is Simplicity

Software objects model real world objects, so the complexity is reduced and the program structure becomes very clear. With top-down implementation, the high-level modules can be coded and tested. After this, the lower level detail can be coded and tested.