What is computer programming? Software Files

- November 16, 2017
      In this article, you will know about basic information of computer programming or software engineering. Before this we must know about Computer program (Software). So let's start.
computer programming

What is Computer program

A computer program is a set of instructions or statements (also known as source code) that directs a computer to perform a task or set of tasks to solve problems.
     A computer programmer writes the software instructions in programming language. A computer program is stored into a file on disk after installation. A complicated or large program can contain thousands of individuals files, each serving a specific purpose. Some of these files are program files that contain instructions for the computer, whereas others files contain data. The basis files that are used in a program are listed below. Read them to know better about a program (software) and programming.

  • Executable File with extension ".exe"
  • Initialization File that has ".ini" file extension. 
  • Dynamic Link Library Files ".dll" extension. 
  • Help Files ".hlp" extension. 

What is Executable file? ".exe file"

      Each program (software) contains at least one executable file with extension EXE or COM. This file is given to the computer to run (execute) the program. Actually, when we run a program, we are running executable file. When we run these type of file the computer execute the instructions in the file. The other files (.dll, .com, .hlp) of the program are also accessed through executable file.

What is Dynamic Link Library File ".dll file"

      DLL files are the part of the program. The program instructions stored in these files that are accessed by executable file. It means that DLL files cannot be directly run on the computer. These files make easy to break large program into small replaceable components. In addition , DLL files can also be shared by several programs at one time. However, most of the high level programming languages provide built-in function that contains dll file formats.

What is Initialization File? ".ini file"

      The INI files contain information about the configuration of program such as background colour, size of software window, user's name etc. These information are used by the program when it start to execute. (.ini file is also used by .exe file. It cannot run directly on the computer.)

What is Help file? ".hlp file"

      These files in the  program provide help about the program to the user. In most of the programs these files provide online (through web resources) help and some of programs provide offline help.

Introduction to Computer Programming

      A computer is nothing without software, as you know computer is used to solve various problems. A computer program (software) is designed after understanding the problem. We must be clear about the processing steps to be performed by a computer in order to solve the problem. It means that we must understand the basic logic of software.  
Before making a computer program, we must learn how to plan the logic of program.
For example, if we want to make a computer program that find out average
marks of a student, the basic logic of the program will be as:-
  • Get the marks of all subjects of a student.
  • Calculate the total marks.
  • Calculate the average marks.
  • Display (output) or print the average marks.

      The same style of above planing or thinking applies while writing (making) a computer program.
The instructions of computer program are written in such a way that computer can understand the program or software's instructions in right way to solve the given (or particular) problem successfully. The language that is used to write program's instructions is called programming language. The computer user who write (or make) computer program is called programmer or coder. The programmer must write program instructions in the proper sequence. If the program instructions are written in an incorrect sequence, then the program output will be incorrect too. Therefore, programs must be planned before they are written.


A process of identifying a problem and finding its best solution is known as problem solving.
      Problem solving is a creative process because in this process, the description of problem are transformed into its solution. The problem can be solved in various ways. However, the most suitable way for the solution of the problem is selected.
      There are a number of techniques and tools that are used to solve particular problem. As you know, computer is used to solve many problems by using computer softwares. A computer software contains a set of instructions for computer. The computer solve the problems according to the given instructions.